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Handwriting: Printing Workbook (Brighter Child)
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Brighter Child Handwriting: Printing helps young children master legible writing. Practice is included for lowercase and uppercase letters, words and sentences, and more. School success starts here! Workbooks in the popular Brighter Child series are packed with plenty of fun activities that teach a variety of essential school skills. Students will find help for math, English and grammar, handwriting, and other important subject areas. Each book contains full-color practice pages,...

Spectrum Cursive Handwriting, Grades 3 - 5
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Give your child an advantage in communication by teaching them an important skill that gets left behind in today’s busy classroom. Spectrum (R) Cursive Handwriting for grades 3-5 guides children through writing letters in isolation, connecting letters, and more. --Technology may be a key player in today’s classrooms, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few old-school techniques. Being able to write legibly helps children take notes, complete homework, and communicate in a style that never...