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    The Summer Bridge Explorations 3-4 workbook prepares your Third grade graduate for Fourth grade through progressive lessons and Exploration/project-based summer learning.

    This dynamic workbook strengthens cross-curricular skills with a focus on arithmetic, grammar, and comprehension.

    Real world Explorations (projects) included in this 3-4 level are:

    Section 1: "Lemonade Stand" OR "Protect Your Environment"

    Section 2: "Someone Else's Shoes" OR "Travel Trivia"

    Section 3: "Summer Invention" OR "Summertime Dance"

    Learning Activity pages include: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Measurement, Geometry, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and more. Each month, help your child choose practice pages to build skills and support explorations.

    Character Development and Fitness Activities

    Bonus science experiments and activities, social studies exercises, and outdoor learning experiences.

    Answer Key

    With this dynamic series, students entering grades 1 to 4 prepare for the new year through project-based learning. Grade-level workbooks are divided into three progressive sections, one for each month of summer, and each of these sections is built around a theme-based activity that connects real-world learning with summer fun. Your child will apply new skills in fun ways, all while enjoying everything summer has to offer. Lessons and activities span the curriculum, supporting growth in math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and the arts.

    Item# CD-704652

    ISBN: 9781483813172

    UPC: 044222240752